How to send large files for
custom printing

PLEASE NOTE: Our FTP site properties have changed: You must call 865.637.0215 or e-mail for user name and password information. Our site address is For PC's, just click on the link or type the address into your Internet Explorer browser.

(Clicking on the above link will not work in all browsers - you may have to copy and paste in the address - see below.. Firewall programs may also prevent you from using FTP. Switch off the firewall temporarily if this occurs.)

To access the site Internet Explorer must be set up as follows:

Click on TOOLS at the menu bar at the top of your screen. Click on INTERNET OPTIONS. Select the ADVANCED tab. Scroll down the long and irritating list until you find "USE PASSIVE FTP (FOR FIREWALL AND DSL MODEM CAPABILITY)" and UNCHECK THIS OPTION. You may have to close and restart Explorer for the change to take effect.

PLEASE NOTE: For Windows machines Explorer works more consistently than Netscape or Mozilla programs. If you are using an old version Internet Explorer like 4.0 it may be impossible to use FTP. With some versions of Internet Explorer (including 6.0) you may have to paste in the address to your navigation bar - clicking on the link may not work. AND you may also have to hit REFRESH to make Explorer find the page - if fails the first time in some versions.

For Mac, Fetch works well. Just enter the ip address in the domain.

Once the site is open, just drag and drop the files you wish to send to us. Then send an e-mail message to that tells us the filenames and the sizes and quantites of prints you want. You may also use this e-mail addresses for technical and pricing questions. You may always call 865-637-0215 during business hours for assistance.

FTP is the ideal way to send files for our premium LightJet printing service. Learn more about this ultra-high-quality process here: Thompson LightJet
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