Beyond Technology



As every photographer knows, there is more to imaging than technology. Even the best machines cannot make judgements; they can't care. Thompson LightJet employs fantastic technology, but we have something even more important: craftsmen. Skill and the latest, best machines can only take you so far. A genuine human commitment to providing our customers with the best possible images has served Thompson well for the last hundred years. Our people have always been the difference.

"I took my D100 to their place and shot some professional color charts. Mr. Barnes developed a Color Management spec for the D100 that is providing amazing prints. They actually took time with me, and worked out a D100 spec that will give me good results in the future."

" Thompson Photo Products has the new LightJet (laser on photo paper) printers, and the results are simply amazing. I just did a TIFF file (17.6 Megs) as an 11x14 and I was completely blown away."

"I have found it very difficult to get accurate color printing done from my D100. They are doing a marvelous job for me at a good price."